What's an ISBN?

Example ISBN-13 on a book's barcodeISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Each version of a book is uniquely identified by its ISBNs. There are two types of ISBNs: the older 10 digit ISBN-10 and the newer 13-digit ISBN-13. A book may have one or both.

ISBNs can usually be found on the back cover of a book by its barcode or inside on the copyright page.

You can search for books on this site using either ISBN-10s or ISBN-13s.

Why is it best to search by ISBN?

For most textbooks, searching by ISBN is the most accurate way to find the book you're looking for because it finds the exact edition corresponding to the ISBN (different editions of the same book have different ISBNs).

You can still search by title, author, or keywords (just type words instead of an ISBN), but it is slower and less accurate.

Why is my school not listed when searching or registering?

Selecting a school when searching enables the display of on-campus textbook classified listings at that school. We only offer our free classifieds service to partner schools, schools at which the student government or school administration works with us to help promote the service. Be sure to urge your student government to contact us for more information. It's free!

You can only register (and create classified listings) if your school is a partner school, but anyone can use Textbook Madness to find the best online prices.

How does my school become a partner school?

If your school is not already a partner school, encourage your student government or school administration to contact us about launching at your campus. All of our services are free. All we ask from our partners is help promoting our free classifieds service so it's actually useful. There are no contracts to sign so it's easy to get started. We just need to have a brief conversation!

I've transfered to another school. What do I do?

Just create a new account with your new school's email address. You can contact us if you want to cancel your old account.

What's the cheapest way to buy textbooks?

If your school is a partner school, usually the best deal can be found from a fellow student through our free textbook classifieds. Just log in or select your school when searching for a book to include listings from others at your school.

If you can't buy the book directly from another student on campus, generally your best bet is to buy a used copy online, take good care of it, then sell it when you're finished. Your effective price is the cost of buying the used book minus the price you expect to sell it for. You should compare the effective price to actual textbook rental prices, but you're almost always better off buying used then selling later.

For some, eBooks are more convenient, which can be a good reason to buy them. However, like rentals, they tend to be more expensive than buying then selling a traditional used book. eTextbooks tend to be digitally protected so you can't sell it to someone when you're done.

How do I make the most when selling my used books?

If your school is a partner school, usually you can get the most cash for your used textbooks from a fellow student through our free textbook classifieds. Just log in or select your school when searching for a book then look for the link to create a free listing.

We also show the best online textbook buyback prices when you search so you can sell your book directly to an online retailer.

The value of used textbooks decreases quickly, especailly when new editions come out, so be sure them sell as soon as you're done with them.