ISBN-13 Title Authors ISBN-10
9780205662944 New American Democracy, The, Alternate Edition (6th Edition) (Penguin Academics) Morris P. Fiorina - Paul E. Peterson - Bertram Johnson - William G. Mayer 0205662943
9780205664313 Student Activities Manual for Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language Matilde Olivella Castells - Elizabeth E. Guzman - Paloma Lapuerta - Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro 0205664318
9780205664726 Civilization in the West, Vol. 1: To 1715 Mark Kishlansky - Patrick Geary - Patricia O'Brien 0205664725
9780205664818 Quick Access (6th Edition) (MyCompLab Series) Lynn Q. Troyka - Doug Hesse 0205664814
9780205665761 Writing Arguments, Brief Edition (8th Edition) John D. Ramage - John C. Bean - June Johnson 0205665764
9780205666423 MySpanishLab with E-Book Student Access Code Card for Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language (24-month Access) (5th Edition) Matilde Olivella Castells - Elizabeth E. Guzman - Paloma Lapuerta - Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro 0205666426
9780205675722 Writer's World: Sentences and Paragraphs Value Package (includes MySkillsLab NEW Student Access ) Lynne Gaetz - Suneeti Phadke 0205675727
9780205677207 A World of Art (6th Edition) Henry M. Sayre 0205677207
9780205683666 Racial and Ethnic Groups (12th Edition) (MySocKit Series) Richard T. Schaefer 0205683665
9780205684687 The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success (4th Edition) R. Eric Landrum - Stephen F. Davis 0205684688
9780205685172 Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition (8th Edition) Penelope J.E. Davies - Walter B. Denny - Frima Fox Hofrichter - Joseph F. Jacobs - Ann M. Roberts - David L. Simon 020568517X
9780205685189 Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition, Volume I (8th Edition) Penelope J.E. Davies - Walter B. Denny - Frima Fox Hofrichter - Joseph F. Jacobs - Ann M. Roberts - David L. Simon 0205685188
9780205686124 Introduction to Poetry, An (13th Edition) X. J. Kennedy - Dana Gioia 0205686125
9780205687886 Introduction to Fiction, An (11th Edition) X. J. Kennedy - Dana Gioia 0205687881
9780205687930 Development Through the Lifespan (5th Edition) (MyDevelopmentKit Series) Laura E. Berk 0205687938
9780205688623 Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach (10th Edition) (MySocLab Series) James M. Henslin 0205688624
9780205690961 Myfrenchlab with Pearson Etext Student Access Code Card for Chez Nous Albert Valdman, Cathy Pons, Mary Ellen Scullen 0205690963
9780205691968 Chinese Link: Beginning Chinese, Simplified Character Version Level 1/Part 2 (2nd Edition) Sue-mei Wu - Yueming Yu - Yanhui Zhang - Weizhong Tian 020569196X
9780205693337 Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volumes 1A, 1B, and 1C, The (4th Edition) David Damrosch - Kevin J. H. Dettmar - Christopher Baswell - Clare Carroll - Heather Henderson - Constance Jordan - Peter J. Manni 0205693334
9780205698073 Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction (5th Edition) Douglas T. Kenrick - Steven L. Neuberg - Robert B. Cialdini 0205698077
9780205698301 Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Core Concepts (4th Edition) James M. Henslin 0205698301
9780205699650 Theories Of Personality: Understanding Persons- (Value Pack w/MySearchLab) Susan C. Cloninger 0205699650
9780205700516 Conflict After Cold War: Arguments On Causes Of War And Peace- (Value Pack w/MySearchLab) Richard K. Betts 0205700519
9780205700530 World of Art, A, Books a la Carte Plus MyArtKit (6th Edition) Henry M. Sayre 0205700535
9780205700592 Government by the People& Mypoliscikit Pkg 0205700594
9780205701650 Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, 11th Edition Larry B. Christensen - R. Burke Johnson - Lisa A. Turner 0205701655
9780205705153 The Western Heritage: Volume 1 (10th Edition) Donald Kagan - Steven Ozment - Frank M. Turner 0205705154
9780205705818 History of Italian Renaissance Art (Paper cover) (7th Edition) Frederick Hartt - David Wilkins 0205705812
9780205708093 readings in the Philosophy of Law (5th Edition) John Arthur - William H. Shaw - Amy Shapiro 0205708099
9780205709298 Reseau Commctn Integratn&mfl Ebk&headset Pk 020570929X
9780205710232 Gender in Cross Cult Perspectv&const Sex Pk 0205710239
9780205711352 Student Book English Coll MLA&Mcl Access Pk 0205711359
9780205711734 Writing Guide for Coll&beyond&mcl W/Ebk Pkg 0205711731
9780205712465 Little Brown Handbk&longman Rdr&mcl Acc Pkg 0205712460
9780205713332 Visions of Amer Histry Us V1&voices P&p Pkg 0205713335
9780205717194 Practice of Harmony Peter Spencer - Barbara Bennett 0205717195
9780205718009 Photography: International Edition International ed of 10th revised ed John Upton, Barbara London, Jim Stone 0205718000
9780205718412 Social Work:empowering Prof.-W Dubois 0205718418
9780205718658 Percorsi: L'Italia attraverso la lingua e la cultura, Books a la Carte Edition (2nd Edition) Francesca Italiano - Irene Marchegiani 0205718655
9780205718764 Little, Brown Essential Handbook Jane E. Aaron 0205718760
9780205726158 Literature& Handbook of Literary Terms Pkg 0205726151
9780205727650 Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (11th Edition) Laurence Behrens - Leonard J. Rosen 0205727654
9780205728022 Connections: Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking (with MyWritingLab Student Access Code Card) (3rd Edition) (Montgomery-Rainey Series) Tammy Montgomery - Megan C. Rainey 0205728022
9780205728862 The African-American Odyssey: v. 1 Darlene Clark Hine - William C. Hine - Stanley C. Harrold 0205728863
9780205730407 020573040X
9780205731220 Four in One (5th Edition) Ed Dornan - Robert Dees 0205731228
9780205734801 Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College (7th Edition) Kathleen T. McWhorter 0205734804
9780205735747 Sociology (13th Edition) (MySocLab Series) John J. Macionis 0205735746
9780205739950 Case Histories in International Relations (6th Edition) Kendall W. Stiles 0205739954
9780205739974 Longman Writer, The, MLA Update Edition: Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide, Handbook (7th Edition) Judith Nadell - John Langan - Eliza A. Comodromos 0205739970
9780205739998 Longman Writer, The, Brief Edition, MLA Update Edition: Rhetoric, Reader, and Research Guide (7th Edition) Judith Nadell - John Langan - Eliza A. Comodromos 0205739997
9780205741359 Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book 1 Richard M. Robin - Karen Evans-Romaine - Galina Shatalina - Joanna M. Robin 0205741355
9780205743599 Literature for Composition Sylvan Barnet - William Cain - William Burto 0205743595
9780205744213 Art History, Volume 2 (4th Edition) (MyArtsLab Series) Marilyn Stokstad - Michael Cothren 0205744214
9780205744220 Art History, Combined (4th Edition) (MyArtsLab Series) Marilyn Stokstad - Michael Cothren 0205744222
9780205745265 The Curious Researcher, MLA Update Edition (6th Edition) Bruce Ballenger 0205745261
9780205745364 World: History Volume 1 & MHL Web Wrld Hist Pkg 2e (NEW!!) Fernandez 0205745369
9780205745432 American Public Opinion (8th Edition) Robert Erikson - Kent Tedin 0205745431
9780205746521 Motivation: Biolgcl Psych & Currnt Directns 0205746527
9780205748594 Exploring Lifespan Development (2nd Edition) (MyDevelopmentLab Series) Laura E. Berk 0205748597
9780205748761 Student Activities Manual for Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book 1 Richard M. Robin - Karen Evans-Romaine - Galina Shatalina - Joanna M. Robin 0205748767
9780205748938 Psychology& Mypsycholab with eBook Pkg 0205748937
9780205749003 Social Problems (4th Edition) John J Macionis 0205749003
9780205749041 Communicating: A Social, Career, and Cultural Focus (Package) (NEW) Roy M. Berko, Andrew D. Wolvin, Darlyn R. Wolvin 0205749046
9780205750344 Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (8th Edition) Janet Burroway - Elizabeth Stuckey-French - Ned Stuckey-French 0205750346
9780205750351 Imaginative Writing: The Elements fo Craft (3rd Edition) Janet Burroway 0205750354
9780205752638 MyReadingLab with Pearson EText Student Access Code Card (for Valuepacks) Pearson Education 0205752632
9780205753703 Concise Public Speaking Handbook Steven A. Beebe - Susan J. Beebe 0205753701
9780205755929 Between Worlds& Mycomplab Access Card Pkg 0205755925
9780205755998 Rockin in Time& Myrockkit Rockin in Time 0205755992
9780205759309 The World: A History, Penguin Academic Edition, Combined Volume (Penguin Academics) Felipe Fernandez-Armesto 0205759300
9780205761012 Longman Anth of Brit Lit V1a&v1b&v1c&hamlet 0205761011
9780205762880 Spirit of Sociology (3rd Edition) Ron Matson 0205762883
9780205763092 Human Communication: The Basic Course Joseph A. DeVito 020576309X
9780205763122 Essentials of Sociology, A Down-to-Earth Approach James M. Henslin 020576312X
9780205763139 Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (9th Edition) Nancy Hooyman - H. Asuman Kiyak 0205763138
9780205765379 Adventures in the Human Spirit (6th Edition) Philip E. Bishop 0205765378
9780205768394 Exploring Biological Anthropology: The Essentials, Books a la Carte Edition (2nd Edition) Craig Stanford - John S. Allen - Susan C. Anton 0205768393
9780205771295 The Struggle for Democracy Edward S. Greenberg - Benjamin I. Page 0205771297
9780205771301 American Government: Roots and Reform, 2011 Edition Karen J. O'Connor - Larry J. Sabato 0205771300
9780205773404 Abnormal Psychology Jeffrey S., Ph.D. Nevid - Spencer A. Rathus - Beverly, Ph.D. Greene 0205773400
9780205773794 Social Psychology& Mypsychlab with eBook 0205773796
9780205775385 Child Development, Books a la Carte Plus Mydevelopmentlab 0205775381
9780205776986 Cultural Anthropology in a Globalizing World (2nd Edition) (MyAnthroLab Series) Barbara D. Miller 0205776981
9780205777181 THINK Sociology John D. Carl 020577718X
9780205777549 Undrstndg Psychology & Mypsychlab W/Ebk Sac 0205777546
9780205777747 0205777740
9780205778447 Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice (9th Edition) Michael Osborn - Suzanne Osborn - Randall Osborn 0205778445
9780205779642 Technical Communication (12th Edition) John M. Lannon - Laura J. Gurak 0205779646
9780205780501 Introducing Public Administration (7th Edition) Jay M. Shafritz - E.W. Russell - Christopher Borick 0205780504
9780205781300 Policy Analysis: Concepts and Practice (5th Edition) David Weimer - Aidan R. Vining 0205781306
9780205781713 The Writer's World: Essays (2nd Edition) (MyWritingLab Series) Lynne Gaetz - Suneeti Phadke 0205781713
9780205781799 The Writer's World: Sentences and Paragraphs Lynne Gaetz - Suneeti Phadke 0205781799
9780205782765 Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language (2nd Edition) Clémence de Jouët-Pastré - Anna Klobucka - Patrícia Isabel Sobral - Maria Luci de Biaji Moreira - Amélia P. Hutchinson 0205782760
9780205783151 Arriba: Comunicacion Y Cultura, Brief Edition Eduardo Zayas-Bazan - Susan M. Bacon - Holly J. Nibert 0205783155
9780205784721 Percorsi: L'Italia Attraverso La Lingua E La Cultura Francesca Italiano - Irene Marchegiani 0205784720
9780205786237 World Prehistory and Archaeology (2nd Edition) (MyAnthroLab Series) Michael Chazan 0205786235
9780205787128 The Writer's Purposes: A Reader for Composition (Penguin Academics) Stephen Reid 0205787126
9780205790357 Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience (8th Edition) Neil R. Carlson 0205790356
9780205790401 American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation, Volume 2 Mark A Carnes - John A. Garraty 0205790402